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Design a Spare Room for Comfort and Make Guests Feel Welcomed

Design a Spare Room for Comfort and Make Guests Feel Welcomed

When you have guests in your home, likely, they are there for a little getaway from their everyday life. So, why not turn that guest bedroom into a mini-retreat? You’ll have your overnight visitors feeling like they are welcomed and staying in five-star accommodations! Take these five tips into consideration when designing a spare room for ultimate comfort.

Ensure Everything is Clean and Comfortable

One of the most critical parts of the spare bedroom is to promote a good night’s sleep, so a comfortable bed and bedding are essential when designing the space. Making sure that your spare bedroom has cozy and soft bedding can be a deal maker or breaker for a fantastic guest room. Having fresh and clean linen and a beautiful bedroom set, that looks inviting to sit and sleep on should be on top of the necessary item list when gaining design inspiration. Storing extra blankets, pillows and comforters can help those who need a little more warmth in the middle of the night and supplying a simple fan can help if they tend to get hot in their sleep.

Since it is a spare room, it can be easy to accumulate clutter, especially if you don’t have regular guests over. Make sure any clutter is out of the way to give your guests ample space for themselves and their luggage in the room!

Give Private Entertainment Options

Putting a television or even a few books in the spare room can give your guests some alone time to relax while winding down after an active day of sightseeing and fun activities. Including a streaming service or even a DVD player with some of your favorite movies can be perfect for some before bed entertainment!

On bedside tables, you can also include some of your favorite novels or a stack of current magazines for an easy read.

Make the Room a Home Away From Home

Putting a small desk in the room can let guests get work done if necessary and allow for an alternate place to sit rather than the bed. Placing a small lamp on the desk or even on a bedside table can let your guest get in some light reading before bed without waking others up in the household!

Giving your guests access to extra towels and toiletries can let them have what they may need without feeling like a bother to the host. Keeping a basket of extra towels in a visible spot and even adding a robe and disposable slippers can make them feel just at home. Putting a small basket with travel sized soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, a shower cap, razor, toothbrush and any other easily forgotten toiletry items in the bathroom or an easy to find place can be a sigh of relief for a busy traveler who forgot a morning essential.

Put some live plants or fresh flowers in the room to add some personality and possibly an extra pop of color. Looking into options that are fuss-free and low maintenance would be ideal for a room that your household may not use often. 

Provide Ample Storage for Less Clutter

No one wants to live out of a suitcase, so having storage space for your guests is ideal for their belongings. Clearing out some closet space and providing a few hangers can help them reduce clothing wrinkles and even give them somewhere to store their suitcases and bags for more space in the room. Putting a hook behind the wall can provide guests with somewhere to hang jackets, coats and towels, or even a few hangers of clothing. Having an empty dresser, or just a few empty drawers can give them somewhere to place small items and allow them to have things out of sight and not feel cluttered.

Unique Touches to Make Guest Feel Welcomed

There are some super simple, yet unique touches you can add to your spare bedroom to show you have your visitors in mind. Proactively providing them with the WiFi password in a visible spot and giving them a copy of your house key will let them be able to connect their electronics and come and go as they please with no problems.

Putting a clock in an easy to read place in the room is essential so that guests don’t run late for events and plans by always knowing the time, maybe even getting a quiet alarm clock to place near the bed can help them ensure they wake up on time.

Placing snacks, water bottles and fruit in a small basket or cart in the room can help if guests get thirsty in the middle of the night or require a midnight snack. Putting out a few mugs and a small coffee machine can also aid your guests to make an early morning cup of coffee without waking up the house.

Unsure where to start on the perfect retreat for your overnight house guests? Set up a consultation today with Designer Dez and get a guest room your visitors will want to come back to year after year.

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