Designing a one-of-a-kind space that reflects your style and taste is an important project and a big task that needs the appropriate time and processes put towards it. It’s also necessary to ensure that you are getting just what you want with the perfect designer that clearly understands your needs.

Getting Started

The first step in working with Black and White Interiors is setting up a consultation for a face to face meeting. This is the moment that we get a general overview of your project including your budget and any main priorities you may have.

The design consultation also includes going over details such as:

  • Style taste
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Saved room inspirations
  • How you wish to use the space
  • The feeling you want the room to convey
  • Desired timeline

During this first step, we also inventory the area by recording your existing furniture pieces, measuring target space and taking lots of pictures to make sure we get the best assessment for your big project. 

Concept Design Scheme

In the concept design scheme stage, we take what we learned about you and what you want from the project before drawing up and designing concepts to present to you at our next meeting.

Included in this presentation would be unique features like:

  • Color palettes
  • Paint or wall coverings
  • Fabric samples
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling and window treatments
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Structural modifications
  • Custom furniture or built-in pieces

When you step into our studio to go over these design aspects you will have to the opportunity to feel the fabrics and materials used in the concepts presented to ensure they have your full approval before moving forward.

Refining Your Design

This next step occurs after presenting you with the design concepts made in the step prior. With your feedback, we refine what the team has come up with to better fit your tastes and finalize with contractors and vendors that everything is on schedule, on budget, and going accordingly. Knowing you are in love with what you see before you, it’s time for the next step, obtaining the new furnishings!

Procurement & Construction Coordination

The time when everything starts to come together. After you have approved of your new furniture pieces, interior finishes and furnishings we purchase the necessary items. This step in the design process can sometimes take the longest, as we are usually waiting for construction to be completed or pieces to be delivered. If ordering from custom shops or needing items that are out of stock, this step can take even longer. While these items are on the way we ensure to stay in close communication with any contractors and vendors, to ensure the items are on time and to check in on the projects.

And as everything starts to ship in, don’t worry! Working with Black and White Interiors means that we coordinate delivery and inspect the items for any replacement issues before they are brought into your home. If you are part of a remodel or new construction project, we also oversee the buildout and installation to ensure everything is done according to plan.


It’s finally time to see the big picture with everything in one place! After we have carefully inspected all of your new furnishings, they are delivered to your space and put into their respective places. This step would also include any professional installations that may need to be done for the area as well. At this time any missing final details would also be brought to our attention for the final punch list.

Wrapping Up

Once everything is good to go and your newly decorated space has had time to be used and lived in, we do a final walk through to ensure expectations have been met and also discuss care and up-keep of your furniture, finishes and equipment.

Watching our client’s face light up at the site of their home is one of our favorite parts of the job, especially after seeing the whole process through, as we are with you from start to finish! Set up a consultation with me, Designer Dez, today and let me ensure your living space feels like home!