Our Design Philosophy

Interior design isn’t a luxury afforded only by the wealthy; it’s within reach for people of all walks of life and all types of budgets. The goal is to create lasting solutions for design dilemmas the give you the home you have been looking for, all with a little flair and interest. Enhancing one’s interior by transforming a space into a functional, welcoming, aesthetically pleasing environment that reflects your distinct personality and whimsical appeal. With a strong passion, creative drive, and an eye for design, the possibilities are limitless as to what we can do.

Desiree Laux – Founder of Black & White Interiors

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Owner | Interior Designer

Desiree Laux is the founder
of Black & White Interiors.
Her dream of creating a luxury interior design firm that is a one-stop shop for design, renovation and furnishing needs was fulfilled by opening Black & White Interiors boutique design firm.

Using a combination of 10+ years of design experience, your unique style and an artful flair Desiree makes your spaces timeless and dynamic. She uses a discerning eye to direct her team of premiere subcontractors, local artisans and vendors to execute and deliver one-of-a-kind spaces that her clients will love for years to come.

Cultivating genuine relationships with her clients by focusing on superior customer service and quality is her primary belief.

“What’s with the hair??” For Desiree it’s an expression of her creativity and she feels “you only live once so why not have fun”. Apart from design, she loves spending time with her husband, three dogs and twelve…yes twelve chickens.