Summer means longer days, vacation and more time at home. With a great backyard, you could host, barbeques, pool parties, brunches and any other get together you can imagine for this time of year! So why not make the backyard of your dreams for all your summer entertainment needs?

The most important factor when designing your perfect backyard getaway is comfort, because no one wants to be uncomfortable while they’re trying to have fun and enjoy themselves! When most people think of summer, they think relaxation, so find ways you can kick your legs up and enjoy your home!

Assess, Establish and Maximize Your Outdoor Space for Entertaining

Where is the best place for the perfect set-up in your yard? If you have a deck or patio, that may be a great area to have an “outdoor living room.” Putting a fire pit in the middle of your garden can allow you to maximize the space and have it be more than just something pretty to look at. Clearing away any low branches, discarding of yard debris from the seasons before and adding walkways can also help you maximize your outdoor space and keep everyone safe!

Some lucky homeowners have their own swimming pools in the back of their home, so be sure to consider that when thinking of a place to put other entertainment spots in the yard. Ensure that it’s far enough not to be splashed by pool water yet close enough for communication, to allow everyone to enjoy a good time.

If you tend to find yourself hosting lots of events that deal with cooking, maybe installing an outdoor kitchen is your best bet! Keep traffic out of the house and you won’t feel isolated from guests while preparing!

Bright Lights for the Summer Nights

Many summer events go into the evening, especially if you’re trying to stay out of the intense summer heat! That’s why it’s essential to have adequate lighting throughout the area to avoid any accidents and to let everyone see what ‘s going on!

Adding lighting to your pool can give it a dreamy glow and illuminate the whole backyard. Many are also getting into the craze of string lights that seem to look amazing almost anywhere they are situated! Solar lanterns, Tiki torches, candles, or even just garden stake lights to help guide a pathway, can be super helpful as the sun goes down.

Find Suitable Seating for the Summer Climate

It’s Texas, which means it’s hot, so the most important thing to make sure you have outside is shade for your family and any guests! Incorporating design elements such as a pergola or even a covered patio can help bring in the shade! Adding climbing plants can work great in the long run as well, to give ultimate and natural shade that also blends right into the environment!

Having comfortable outdoor furniture can make or break the whole relaxation theme. Adding cushions to your patio furniture or even scattering them on the ground can give guests a comfy place to sit as they soak up the sun or sit around a fire! Think outside the box when assembling seating areas for your backyard space, benches, couches, or even hammocks and swings can all serve the same purpose and give the décor a little more personality.

Getting an outdoor rug can make an area feel finished and give it a homier feel, even though your outside! Finding one that is water resistant and easy to clean is also a great idea to save you a future headache.

Keep the Bugs Away

As the sun goes down, the bugs come out and mosquitoes are a big culprit. Change out or dump any stagnant water around your yard at least twice a week to stop them from breeding in the area or even investing in citronella candles, a screen or simply have a can or repellant on hand for your family and guests to keep the pests from ruining your fun.

Designing the perfect backyard oasis can be an overwhelming task, but you don’t have to do it alone! Set up a consultation with Designer Dez today and we’ll help you make a backyard you’ll never want to leave!