One of the simplest ways you can add contrast, personality and balance to a room is by adding texture. By creating visual interest in the room, you can add dimension and appeal to the senses of your family and guests. The great thing about adding texture is that it can be incorporated into almost any part of the room from the foundation and room design to furniture, rugs and art, making everything a little cozier and a lot more compelling.

Easily Bring in Texture with Textiles

Soft textiles offer the perfect cozy feeling to a room and these options can often be inexpensive and easy to create. From the curtains over the windows to the throw blanket on the chair in the corner get creative and use some of your favorite fabrics to make the perfect space. Layering textiles also offer a quick way to bring a big variety of texture into the room.

Rugs are a great way to introduce texture into your space! They can also be a lot more than just a pretty fixture and give a coziness you can actually feel beneath your feet. The great thing about rugs is that they also come in so many different styles, designs, colors, patterns and materials there is one to fit every taste and room type. The perfect rug can also help give the room more personality, a pop of color or even be the art piece in the room.

Add in Texture with Furniture

The texture in your room can really stand out if it is part of the furniture, especially if the piece is a main focus in the room. Think of it as the feature piece in the room and the item that will pull everything together. A wood coffee table in the middle of the living room, a plush covered chair covered in pillows or the woven basket in the corner all count as great ways that texture can be added into the room without overdoing it.

Adding Texture Through Architecture

A lot of times texture is an afterthought of the room but planning and thinking about it beforehand can allow you to add texture into your space in more creative and subtle ways. Deciding to put chair rails into your dining room can give it that extra bit of elegance you were looking for and adding small designs into the crown molding on your ceiling give somewhere for eyes to roam.

Use Plants for Natural Texture

A plant can bring not only natural texture into your home, but it can offer color, sweet fragrance and life! Using these natural elements can help for spaces to look less “sterile” if it consists of mostly neutral colors and also allows for personality and design to come through in its vases and holders.

When taking these ideas into consideration remember to not overdo it with the textures, limit yourself to only using two or three different textures throughout one room. Try to use different patterns and not the same one over everything and keep in mind to leave neutral spaces and evenly distribute the texture throughout the room. Unsure of how you should add texture to your home? Contact me, Designer Dez today and let me bring the best out of your space!