When looking to liven up a space or even redecorate it all together, a little color can go a long way. From picking out a few main colors for the whole room, or looking for something to make your neutrals seem a little more alive, incorporating color into your room doesn’t need to be a headache provoking task. These points below can help put you on the right path to finding the perfect way to incorporate color into your home!

Use a Color Scheme

When adding color to a room, one of the easiest ways can be using colors on the same color scheme as the main shade of the room! Color complements are the colors that lay across from each other on the color wheel, and when put together, they give the perfect contrast! A lot of people choose to use this color scheme for areas that are more formal in the home, like a dining room.

Another way to add in some color is by using analogous colors. These colors are next to one another on the color wheel, and many use them for a softened more casual feel to a space. Many use this color scheme for areas like the living room or a bedroom because they are places that they go to feel relaxed from the stresses of the day.

Not all incorporated color needs to be in your face and a focal point of the room. You can include softer versions of colors or their “washed out” form to make your space give off a more soothing look.

Put Accent Colors to Work

To add color to your home, you simply need a few defined accent colors to do the trick. The primary color should be used intentionally and should draw the guest to look at a particular area or accessory. The accent can be represented by anything from as big as an “accent wall,” color-filled art or furniture piece to small accessories placed throughout the space. This accent color can also be a fun way to put your personality into the room and may even feature patterns and textures to amp it up even more!

You Can Use Lighting As Color Too

Looking for a unique way to add some color to a room?  Using your lighting to incorporate color can give you just that extra kick you’re looking for! LED light strips and colorful light bulbs can completely change the mood of your room, and can also help you out with day to day tasks if you choose the right colors. Some newer lighting options even feature mobile apps where you can change the color of the lighting as you see fit, and also sync it to entertainment options, making the decorating possibilities endless!

Adding colors to enhance your home’s décor should be a fun way to spruce up the look of your space, but if you feel like you just don’t know where to start, Designer Dez is here to help! Contact Black and White Interiors today and let us help you find your way in the world of home décor and colors!