When looking for inspiration to design your home office, keeping it comfortable yet efficient can be a hard thing to balance. Creating a personalized space to inspire creativity and boost your productivity should be your main task in mind. Here are some tips to make your environment the best it can be and a place you’ll want to use to its full potential.

Ensure You Have Enough Space

Having a room or space big enough to work in is a main priority. Somewhere with privacy, room to decorate and space for storage and organization are of major importance. A spot for a desk and a computer may also be necessary based on your line of work.


Cut out the clutter and feel less overwhelmed and stressed! Ensuring your space is tidy and neat can help you stay productive and minimize your mind from wandering away.

A lot of professionals are starting to go the paperless route, helping out not only the environment but also at keeping clutter at bay! It can be easy to quickly pile up papers and reports, going digital can keep your area clean and you organized.


Using storage boxes, drawers and shelving won’t just help your office appear nicer and more put together, but it can actually help keep your space de-cluttered and organized.

A calendar or a planner can help you organize your schedule, plan your day, and visualize the future! Having something physical to look at can help with time management and even setting your goals. Having big projects on a timeline can keep you motivated and on schedule!

Motivational Messages and Life

When work gets frustrating it can be hard to remember why you’re working so hard in the first place. Putting your favorite motivational messages around your office can give up the extra bump you need to get through the day. Adding a vision board featuring your to-do’s for the week can help with productivity and show you how getting these done today can help you attain your goals. Think of your walls as idea spaces, with typography, inspirational photos or even using chalkboard paint to bring out ideas and encourage free-thinking.

Adding life into your office can also help you see the bigger purpose in your work and make you feel less like a working robot. Putting plants in your surroundings can improve creativity and performance. Adding a fish tank or allowing a pet to roam around can even help keep a stress-reducing area, keeping you calm and allowing you to focus.

Choose the Right Colors

The right office colors can positively affect your mood and productivity! That’s why choosing the perfect color palette is essential to your creativity and how productive you are throughout the day.

Colors like blue and orange can help stimulate creative thinking and no one wants a sterile-looking office filled with solely white walls! Let your personality shine through and play around with different colors to make the space welcoming and inviting. Making you want to be productive and work.

Make Sure You Use The Best Lighting

Having the right lighting doesn’t only make it look better in the room, but it can also help boost your energy and reduce eye strain if trying to read in lowlight. Dark spaces can produce depression and bad lighting can cause things like headaches, fatigue and even irritability.

Using natural light can help elevate your mood and brighten up your day. Try moving your desk under a window or choosing the room with the most natural light for your home office.

Don’t treat your home office like any other room of your home! It should be the place to in vision your dreams and maximize your efficiency and creativity. Unsure how to manifest your inspirational ideas? Contact me, Designer Dez today!