How are you starting the new year? There’s something about having a blank slate that motivates us to leave things in the past and move forward in pursuit of new goals. Accomplishing those goals, however, can be another challenge – especially if you’re not in the right environment or mindset.

We all know that there’s nothing worse than trying to move forward while still carrying around baggage from the past. Just like we leave things behind to start a new year fresh, it’s also easier to accomplish new goals and habits when the environment around you aligns with your goals.

To hit the ground running in 2019, I’ve included a few ways to refresh your home’s interior design that both align with your resolutions and help you accomplish them.

Declutter the chaos in your home

Like many others, I find it hard to focus when things are disorganized, cluttered – basically in utter chaos. With nothing in its rightful place and things strewn about, it can be hard to find the focus and inner peace they need to get in the right mindset. Make it a point to declutter the spaces in your home where it matters most. Depending on your own personal vision and goals for your home, it could mean re-organizing your pantry or your kitchen, removing items in your home that don’t hold a purpose, or decluttering an office or bedroom to create a more peaceful space.

Arrange furniture for function

Is the furniture in your home placed with purpose or does it exist for comfort? Perhaps it sits where it does simply because that’s where it fits. Each space in your home should be planned with purpose and furniture should be arranged for function. Oftentimes, when people take off with their own design aspirations for their space, they become driven by accent pieces they find here and there, rather than creating a space that utilizes function and is also visually appealing. If you don’t plan with purpose and arrange by function, you run the risk of hitting obstacles when putting the space to real use.

Create a distraction-free space for yourself

Do you have a singular space in your home to disconnect from everything? Creating an environment for yourself can propel you to reach the goals you set forth in the new year. For example, if one of those resolutions you made involves reading or writing more, creating a calm, distraction-free space for yourself can help you get there.

If calm and distraction-free isn’t your thing, you should create a space that is solely dedicated to helping you express artistic vision or finding your inner peace. One of the best things about design is that it’s all about you and what you need and want in your home. Just make sure you don’t make this space multi-use, otherwise you might have a hard time steering yourself from distraction.

Creating a new space for yourself can seem daunting, especially when you have no earthly idea how to start. Enlisting the help of an interior design expert, like myself, can help you get on the right track to reaching your goals and living in a space you love in the new year. 

If you need guidance on giv/ing your home the refresh it needs or are looking to create a space that truly aligns with your vision and goals, I’m here to help. Contact me today to schedule your consultation!