I’m often asked “What is the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator” followed by “Which one should I hire?”

Before I started college for design I wondered the same thing. While in school, I soon realized I was not just learning how to make a space “pretty”; I was learning about structures and functionality from the ground up! Completing a degree in interior design gave me a much deeper understanding of what makes a space attractive. I am fortunate I get to use my knowledge and experience to design beautiful spaces for my clients. It’s all about improving their life by helping to make their house a home.

Interior designers have a formal education that will usually result in a Bachelor degree. Most designers will then take an exam by the Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ) to be licensed and recognized internationally. You will find designers working alongside architects in firms but there are also quite a few, like myself, who prefer to work with homeowners.

Some services interior designers offer includes:

  • Space renovations, including removing or adding walls, windows and doors as well as altering the structure of a room
  • Building and safety codes
  • Monitoring and managing construction and installation
  • Design lighting plan

When it comes to a decorator they have training as well which usually results in either a certificate or an Associate’s degree. Decorators only work with surface decorations-paint, fabric, furnishings, lighting, and other materials

Who to hire…

While interior designers and decorators do a lot of the same things it comes down to what your needs are and who you feel more comfortable hiring. Having a connection with your designer or decorator is very important considering they will be the one who facilitates bringing your ideas to life.

Start by setting up a consultation to help determine your goals and objectives that work within your budget. Your designer or decorator should generate ideas for a space that is functional and aesthetically pleasing, purchase products and fixtures and designing and managing fabrication of custom furnishings. Interior designers and decorators share a common goal of making sure you are delighted with your space